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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Comforting Oasis

Many Years ago, Back in Spring of 1997, our family made the lonely move from California to Eau Claire, WI.  It was one of the hardest things we ever did.  We knew God loved us and were trying very much to accept what God was doing in our lives, but the struggle was very great.  We fought bitterness and lacked trust in our loving God and our Savior, Jesus.

After many months of fighting our desires and reality, slowly God through His Word and through loving believers at the church we now had joined, began to work in our hearts.  One family, among many, I am writing about today.

Their name is Hobbs.  Forrest, Cathy and their children Collin, Lindsey, and Dan.

Through these many years a strong wonderful memorable relationship has developed and lasted.

So, now, when I am out driving around the country and unexpectantly get a load back to Wisconsin, it is a happy and exciting time. Driving into the Hobbs' driveway and knowing how comfortable their home will be is a gift from God to me. One of my daughters married one of their sons, and now have a son of their own, Eddy, which makes everything even more wonderful!
I am sooo thankful to God I have these people and this place in my life!!

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