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Monday, September 13, 2010

A phone call

Recently my love of Israel and Hebrew led me to visit a Shabbat (Saturday) Service of a Messianic Church in eastern, PA.   It was amazing, I have a recent blog post about Beit Simcha (House of Joy).  

As I was perusing their website, I got on the web and found out about The Messianic Bible project.
I found it very exciting to hear about a Bible specifically being written as a tool to win Jewish people to Christ.   With the Messianic prophecies pointing to the fulfillment of Jesus.  So I made a donation.

Tonight, just a few days later, the phone rang.  I thought it was a telemarketer, but I answered anyway.

I am soooo glad I did.  The call was from a lady in Israel!  Her name is Elieza.  She is with the Messianic Bible project, they make a practice of calling their donors!  We talked for quite awhile.  She grew up in New York City, but moved to Israel 33 years ago.  Her grandson was born in California, then his parents moved to Israel when he was 2.  He is not a believer.  Presently he is in the Israeli army and is stationed on the Syrian/Lebanon border.  Elieza asked me to pray for him. 

She said she will call again in a month or so.....=)

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  1. That is an exciting story. It is a wonder how these things happen to you.