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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Transport for Christ Chapel, Grand Rapids, MI

Early Tuesday AM, I dropped my freight in Grand Rapids.
Then headed to the closest truck stop to wait for a new dispatch.

As I drove in the parking lot I saw a welcoming Transport for Christ mobile chapel!!

The chaplain welcomed me and we had a wonderful encouraging talk about the Lord and His Word and the Chapel ministry.

When we were about through, another man came in the door. It turned out he was very inspirational! He had, a long while ago, been in prison. He had gotten saved. Then in 2005, as an individual he started to network with truckers whose food loads had been refused or damaged. He would pick them up and deliver them to local food shelters. In 2007 Transport for Christ encouraged him to do it as a legitimate ministry for Jesus! He prayed and God lead and he started "The Helping Hands for Jesus". (Check out his website!! - right click and you can open in a new window)

When I was there a driver came up and offered him some pallets of bottled lemonade. Then another driver said he had 3 boxes of watermelon. I was amazed and inspired to watch as this man made a channel for people to plug into and then used it to honor the Lord!!

I soon got a dispatch and headed to Indiana and on to Cleveland with a happy and encouraged heart!

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