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Thursday, July 30, 2009

South Chicago

I was heading to a transfer drop in south Chicago at the UPS docks. I drove north on I-94 from Indiana. My street Pilot took me off the freeway at 79th St South in Chicago. It was 10 miles to go west across 79th St.
It was eye opening. A non affluent area! Beautiful weather and lots and lots of people hanging out at little parks and in front of shops and cafes and bars, etc, etc.
I was driving through lots of stop signs and stop lights, very slow drive. I'll admit, I made sure my doors were locked.
After about 4 miles I saw a bridge up ahead. As I got closer I noticed it said 13' 0" clearance!!
I had to stop in the middle of the street!! My truck cleared at 13' 4", I knew I wouldn't make it!! As I stood trying to figure out what to do, knowing I would probably need to back up on this busy street and turn around somehow!
Two men approached my truck, looking like they might want to help me. They did. They stopped traffic and helped me back and turn around. After turning I pulled to the side of the street. They came up to my window and asked me for a paper and pen, I gave them my little notebook. They wrote out these directions to help me know how to go around this low clearance bridge and get the next 5 miles to my destination!
Then he said, this is what we do all day, can you help us out? I said sure, and gave them $5, I was thankful!! He said they hustle everyday for this money! I was amazed!! I had experienced a new experience in South Chicago.

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  1. Hey Kathy. This is Kelly Evans. I'm the guy who spoke to you at DesignLine in Charlotte, NC. It was great talking to you, and it's neat that you used to go to Grace Community Church, since I like to read and listen to John MacArthur so much. I will remember you in my prayers from now on and I look forward to reading some more posts in the future. Shoot me an email some time if you'd like. Seeing your truck lettering and talking to you was a blessing. Anyway, may God be with you in your travels, and may he use you and me to reach others.