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Sunday, July 26, 2009

A "miraculous load" God provided

Every week when Friday comes it is always important to get a good or great WEEKEND load. A load picked up on Friday and delivered on Monday AM.

I delivered in Conneticut on Thursday afternoon, which is a "bad" place for load prospects. A lot of loads go into the New England area, but not much comes out!!
I thanked God for His provision and laid my need at His feet.

Thursday evening I got an unusually late call, about 9PM, from dispatch that they had a load I could pick up Friday morning down in New Jersey and take to Virginia that day. It was a van load so considerably less pay per mile than my truck usually gets, but I took it, just to make some money and get paid to get out of New England, rather than dead heading out.

It was great driving down to New York City and across the George Washington Bridge at 10 at night. The drive took 1 hour and a half as opposed to the four hours it would have taken the next morning!!! That was VERY nice!

I parked and slept at the NJ Turnpike Plaza and drove to the pick up Friday AM.
When I got to the pick-up the shipper said the load had cancelled just one minute before I got there!? I was disappointed, but knew God was in control.

I was looking for a truck stop to go to, to sit and wait for my "new" weekend load!

About 1/2 hour later, dispatch sent me a load that picked up that afternoon and delivered in Chicago on Monday AM! An 850 mile load....sweet.

So, I got "dry run" money to get out of Conneticut and now a great weekend load!!
AND, now I am back in the midwest where the majority of loads run.

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