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Friday, April 22, 2011

How I found Beit Simcha

Last summer I dropped a late load in North Philly and needed a place to park and sleep for the night.  Up the road about 20 miles was a Plaza on the I-476 Turnpike.  Went right to sleep and woke Saturday morning ready for my daily walk.  On my walk I walked passed a church....a Christian Missionary and Alliance Church.  It was Saturday Morning , so I thought I might go to their service the next morning.  Then I saw another sign in their yard that said, "Beit Simcha", "A Messianic Jewish Congregation", my interest was instantly perked, I had been asking God to lead me to a place where I could learn about Him and become involved in serving others.  Thirty-one years before this we had made a trip to Israel, where I fell in love with the country of Israel and the Hebrew language and became interested in Jews finding Jesus, so a Messianic Congregation was very interesting to me.

Long story short - I fell in love with the Jewish way of living in the Messianic way.  As the Rabbi of Beit Simcha said, The Messianics find Yeshua in EVERYTHING in the בתנ"ך‎ Tanach (Old Testament) and
הברית החדשה HaVrit HaChadasha (New Testament).

I have spent the last 6 months getting back to Allentown, PA as often as possible to attend services on Shabbat AM.  I have learned so much about the Lord and the New Testament's heritage in the Jewish Old Testament Scripture. 

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