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Saturday, September 11, 2010


This summer has been a wonderful time of WALKS

I have always loved Nature Walks. Really the only entertainment I enjoy, that along with swimming! Walking is much more available to me than swimming. Everywhere I go I seem to be able to find a wonderful place to walk. Yesterday, after I dropped my load at the Nuclear Energy Plant in Shippingsport, PA I, yet again, went on a beautiful walk. I walked down a one and a half mile 8% grade country road - and back up. Then continued walking and found a place called Raccoon Municipal Park. I didn't see any raccoon's, but they had a wonderful 1 mile walkway through the woods, it was refreshing and cool.

As an OTR driver I am all over the country East of the Mississippi. I have walked in so many beautiful and refreshing places. Here are some pictures. I’ve been and seen so many more places than this. Sometimes I love the environment so much I forget about taking pictures.

    Truly God is the best “entertainer” of the World!!!!!

Fort Meyers Beach, Florida Gulf of Mexico


Albany, Oregon

(I was in Oregon last year, didn't have my own truck then, but I included it, because I enjoyed being there soooo much)

Alabama Country Road

This road is in Mound State Park in Illinois. I went up and down these stairs at a couple different times during the walk. It was so peaceful and beautiful. Truly, the world is my gym, as I use these walks for a fast paced exercise also!


Knoxville, Tennessee

New Orleans, Louisiana
New York City Central Park
(My first glimpse of the park - So Exciting! =)


Central Park is so much more beautiful than I imagined!

So much to see, these are only a few glimpses

San Antonio, Texas Riverwalk

The Alamo is just two blocks away, they are both in downtown San Antonio
South Carolina
St Charles, Louisiana
Saw this Statue of "My Kids" while I was walking downtown! =))

St Louis, Missouri
Drove by so many times and loved the Arch, one day I stopped and went UP!
Virginia Beach, Virginia
It is ALWAYS wonderful to be able to go to a beach on the Ocean

William Sterling State Park on Lake Erie, just south of Detroit, Michigan

Barefoot in Cool Water - Awwww! =)


  1. JUST LOVELY! Thanks for posting this and the GREAT pix!

  2. These are so great! You are so fortunate to see so many different places all the time! I think these walks would make a good series on this blog. I'd love to see more beautiful places where you get to exercise, and how it keeps you healthy!

  3. Wow Mom K! These are soo fun! So diverse! I especially love the photo of "your kids" ;) I'm just wondering why Jules is running off! Hehe!

  4. That is so cool! It's like a tour of the while USA! =)

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