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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Afton Visit - Dan, Naomi, and Eddy!!!

On March 19th I was in Indiana. When I checked the load that came over my satellite system, it was a load to Fargo, ND! It was Thursday and I delivered on Monday AM, so I would drive through Eau Claire over the weekend! Naomi was gone the Saturday I arrived =(, but she was having a great time at a family women's retreat, (see her blog post http://naomiesther.blogspot.cocm/2010/03/womwns-retreat.html) I stopped at Hobb's to get my mail and visit Dan and Eddy. Eddy and I had a great time. We visited my truck, which he LOVES! and he wanted Grandpa to see my truck too. Grandpa Peter was babysitting for Naomi while she was at her retreat. Then I read Eddy a book, so fun, and Eddy got a little snack and he went down for his nap!
Then I was able to hop over to Schipper's and have a wonderful visit with Beth, Kevin, and Taylor. They are wonderful believers and, as usual, made me feel so comfortable and at home. It was hard to leave their home and drive off to Fargo.

After I dropped my load Monday AM, I waited for another dispatch, nothing came up. So I was "bonused" to the Minneapolis board.

Nomi and Eddy were driving to Afton, just east of St Paul. We actually arrived at their "summer home" about the same time. So I got a first visit the same time Naomi did!
Just like Naomi and I saw my new truck the first visit together when she drove me down to Ohio last March. A little advantage we have both living in the MidWest!

Dan picked a wonderful place for their summer stay in the cities, it is beautiful. A home that was built in the late 1880's and restored so cute. And the yard and grounds are beautiful. Nomi has pics up on her blog:

It was about 60 degrees the next two days I was waiting for a load. The house was very comfortable and "homey" and Naomi and I and Eddy had so much fun together!

Outside we went on a couple of adventure walks. ONE of the highlights for Eddy was the wheelbarrow rides! HaHa, I just remembered Nomi made a mention about that on FaceBook! When she was in Eau Claire and the snow had first melted!
Naomi Hobb's: "It's wheelbarrow weather out there!!" "What is wheelbarrow weather"? "The snow is melted! Eddy and I put away the firewood sled and and got out the wheelbarrow!"

Well, we found a wheelbarrow in Afton too and Eddy especially liked it!

On Wednesday morning I took Nomi and Eddy to a little cafe in Afton called, hmmmm, what is it called? "Wind Sailing"? I can't remember!? But anyway, it was a very nice little restaurant and we had a belated Birthday breakfast for Naomi! It was fun, we drove there in my truck. Then a couple of hours later I got a dispatch for a load out of MPLS to East Moline, IL and I was gone.

It was a WONDERFUL refreshing visit.


  1. Thanks for coming, Mom. I love when you get to visit unexpectedly. God always works it out where you'll be. Not sure it was quite worth the 40 exclamation points though =)