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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Surprise Vacation in California!!!

SURPRISE Visit to California!
In the middle of February I got a load to Mississippi and was so excited to get out of Chicago!!! BBBRRRRR
But to my shocked surprise when I rolled into Memphis, the evening news was saying, although there would be no snow in Tennessee there would be snow in Jackson, MS, 2 hours south....just where I was heading!!! So, still cold, snow, and ice. I was very weary of driving in snow and ice. I really wanted a break!~!
I sat and waited for a load....waited all day and part of the next!!! I have learned not to ask the Lord for a load, because His provision for me has been so far above what I could ask or think!!! in ways, and to places that have sometimes amazed me!! I thanked God for His past provision and waited on Him, trusting Him wholly, because it can be troubling waiting for a load otherwise... =/
My phone rang....
it was dispatch.....
"Would I be willing to drive 600 miles NE to Columbus, OH to take a load to California??"
HaHa!! Of course!!!
When I looked at the destination, it was in Needles, CA
for the BNSF (Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railroad.)
Hmmmm....pretty far from LA.
I realized it would cost a lot of money and time to drive into LA, so I wrote to Luke and told him I would be in CA but would turn around as soon as I got there to head back to the MidWest, because, afterall I wasn't going there on vacation, I was working!!?? Very disappointing.
After a couple of days of driving
"The load cannot be unloaded until Monday!
Now, I had to sit through the weekend!!
Dispatch called BNSF
They would pay me - very well - to WAIT until Monday.
All of a Sudden
I had money to drive down to LA, SURPRISE LUKE
(thanks to a secret phone call to Suzy)
Have breakfast with my good friend Paulie Davis
Stop by to see TY, Monica, and Kristina Knudsen
drive all the way up to Waterford to SURPRISE SAM
(thanks to a secret phone call to Nicki)
All paid by, and more, the BNSF RailRoad!!
For those of you who know my family, I also have a daughter Julia, who also lives in SoCal with her husband and my grandson Caleb. I couldn't believe it when I called her and found out they were in MONTANA!!! Her husband Ben's parents were celebrating their 25th anniversary at the church he pastor's. That was very disappointing.... =( On Monday afternoon I dropped my load by Needles and headed all the way toward El Paso, to hopefully be dispatched a load, and Ben and Jewel were on their way home by Tuesday Eve. Just missed them!!! They had a wonderful time, I had a wonderful time, but I sooooooo missed being able to include them in my surprise visit!!!
And, of course, my daughter Cassia is in Israel for 4 months,
so I already knew I would miss her!!!

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  1. Great, Mom! I'm glad it turned out so well. Now it's my turn to see you =)