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Sunday, July 26, 2009

God's Love

Being alone, On The Road, could be very scary!
Since I have a natural adventurous spirit, it is exciting for me.

Mostly, it isn't scary, because I KNOW God is with me as I trust Him.
Many things happen that make me very aware of God's presence in my life.
A lot of them go by and I privately smile and praise God in my heart for His provision and protection of me!!

Honestly, the scariest part of being an independent owner-operator of this beautiful truck God has provided for me, is having an accident or something breaking down. The time lost in getting something repaired and the money it costs to repair a truck can be devastating. I thank God daily for my truck AND the company He has led me to work for!

I pray daily for His protection and provision. (I also drive very carefully!! Lots of following distance and slow around curves, especially exits.)

Well, I digressed, back to God and His love for me.

When I first got my truck in March of '09, I started praying and asking God to help me with the maintenance and upkeep of my truck. Every 12,000 miles it needs to be serviced, oil and filter changes. It costs close to $200 and needs to be done every 6 weeks or so. It is pretty easy to find places for these services at truck stops and other shops along the way, so that hasn't been too hard. God has provided enough loads for me, through Tri State - the company I contract my truck to, to provide the money to pay for these services.

I have had 3 breakdowns since March, please read my next posts to see how God directed me to places to have these repaired. In my heart, they were nothing short of miraculous and I felt so loved and provided for by God.

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