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Sunday, July 26, 2009

God's Love and Provision Continued

I picked up a load in Detroit and headed to Quebec City, Quebec to deliver it the next day.

I noticed a small "hissing" sound coming from the Air Brake button on my dash!

As I accelerated the air pressure built up in my airline system and the "hissing" stopped. The air pressure in my Primary air system built up to the required 120 lbs of pressure. A truck can legally stay on the road if the air pressure is between 100 and 120 lbs of pressure. The pressure in my secondary air line stayed at 115, so I was OK. (If I got stopped and inspected at a "weigh station", and they heard the hissing sound, I would be "put out of service" until a mobile fix it truck came and fixed the leak - very expensive and time consuming!)

As I stopped and started through my trip across Canada, I would hear the "hissing" and then as I accelerated it would stop and my air pressure would build to the legal limits. I was getting very nervous about this. I did NOT want to break down in Canada.

The next day I backed into my dock and the "hissing" seemed to get worse. My freight was unloaded and I took off towards the US border. I was very nervous by this time and was praying that God would protect my truck until I got back into the US.

I crossed the border, by Lake Champlain in northern New York. There was a nice little truck stop a few miles into NY. I stopped and got on the internet. I was praying and asking God to lead me to a place I could have the airline checked, that I could afford!!

It was Saturday AM, a weekend, most places were closed. After about an hour of searching around on the internet, I found a place listed on the NTTS site a national truck repair site. It was 120 miles straight south of me, on the freeway. I called. It was a small business owner who operated out of the garage on his property. He hesitated, because I wouldn't be able to get there until Sunday AM. But, I did sound quite desperate and he relented and said I could come.

I started driving the 120 miles down the freeway. I was checking the air pressure gauge on the dash every few seconds. I was scared, and praying constantly. The pressure stayed up and I kept driving.

I arrived at a truck stop at about 7PM Saturday evening. The truck repair place was only a block away. I was VERY relieved and had a nice dinner and watched a little TV and slept like a baby that night. In the morning, about 7:30 I drove over to the address I had. I drove in and parked. What a great "feeling" to know I made it safely to the repair shop!!!

When I saw the garage where this man had his small shop, I was again relieved. It was all very neat and had most of the high tech equipment you see in a big expensive truck repair shop. When I met the repair man, he put me at ease and seemed to know exactly what he was talking about. It turned out I needed a new air chamber in the back passenger side break line. He repaired it and tested it in about an hour and only charged me $171.00, I was elated!

I paid him, gave him a $20 tip and went on my way!!

What a relief. I thanked God for leading me and taking such good care of me!!

Please see my next post for another incident of God's protection and provision for me.

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