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Friday, July 17, 2009

"RV" July 4th Vacation to Lake Superior

Naomi, Eddy, and I had an amazing wonderful relaxing time over the 4th of July weekend!!

We took my "RV" truck to the shore of Lake Superior! Once I figured out how to plug the RV outlet into my truck sleeper we were able to cook without turning my generator on, that was very cool. (Plus the camp manager didn't get upset with me anymore because he said my generator was too loud!)

After a nice dinner, that Nomi brought along, we watched a movie and went to sleep.

The next morning, we had a great breakfast and got on the tandem bike, with Eddy in tow in his toddler trailer, and headed to Wisconsin Point. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time along the south shore of Lake Superior.

On the way back to the RV site it got very very hot!

We found a bar and grill on the way home and went in. I said to the lady at the bar, It is sooo hot out, I need a drink!! =) She looked at me funny when she saw the baby and said with a question, You mean a drink of ice water!? I laughed and said, yep.

So, after cooling off we headed out.

We got halfway back and a car was coming down the road. Just before it got to where we were on the road it's front driver side tire, rim and all, flew off and came across the road at us! It went in front of us and into the ditch! Very close call! This guy had bought a car for $30 at a garage sale just for the tires and was trying to get it home, he didn't make it!! Nomi dashed off into the ditch and retrieved his tire for him and then we were off again.

We got back to the campsite and decided to go swimming in their pool. It was very nice, and very cool, we had fun with Eddy, he was scared at first, but then got used to being in the water with us.

Then back to the truck, a nice dinner and movie, and to bed!
We got up at 5AM Monday and headed back to Eau Claire!!
We had a wonderful time, mpstly it was so great having time to be with Nomi and Eddy!


  1. Hey Mom, I didn't even know you posted this 4th of July story until I started my blog! Sorry =) It's great! What a special memory. We need to go again some time (maybe to a cheaper location at a more convenient time for you, lol) But you need to write more in your blog! Take some pictures and post what's going on in your life right now! I'd read it.

  2. HaHa!!! Yeah, blogs are a lot harder than I thot!! I'd hear on FOX of these bloggers and their 1,000's of followers and got a total wrong idea of how much time and creativity and vital info needs to go on a blog to get a following!! wow, I decided to stick to FB.

    We did have a GREAT time, I like the idea of parking in a State Park, but now I don't know if they would let me run my generator or not, you know, disturbing the quiet woodsy peace and all.